Lighting is Key For Any Photo

When it comes to photography and bringing out the best of an image, lighting is key. Many photographers know that having the right light conditions are critical for getting a great shot. Photographers want to get the right settings for their cameras or if they are lucky, use some good natural lighting. However, what about after the image is processed and printed?

The bad thing about photography today is people do not take the time to print out their images. Most people don't take the time to frame or matte their images and that is a shame. I find that printing out an image and framing it makes a great image come alive. I enjoy having the ability to sit back and enjoy my images that hang on my walls in my home and office. Seeing the image brings back great memories of the adventure I had getting the image.  

I have found one of the best ways to really enhance the beauty and quality of a great image is with lighting. Adding some non-natural light source can make a great image even better. My latest addition to my home is a great image of the Mabry Mill that is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I love the Mabry Mill and I take shots of that mill as often as I can. The image I took this past winter was of the Mabry Mill covered in ice. I really did not plan to get such a great shot but I was glad I did. I have not seen too many photos of the Mabry Mill with ice and it was very unique.  



You can see how a simple light source and bring out the detail and quality of a great image. So instead of having hundreds or even thousands of images stored on a computer or phone, why not print your best images out and add a little lighting to them. Then you can sit back and remember what it took to get the shot.  

Until next time,