The Power of an Image

A photograph can be a very powerful thing in one's life. It is hard to believe how an image can make someone feel or reflect on an important event or person in one's life. I recently was asked to enhance and order an image for a family member. He wanted to know if I could work on the small grainy photo and make is look better. He want the photo put on metal so he could put the image in his home. The photo was of poor quality and could only be enhanced well enough for a 5x7 print. The small out of focus image was of a dear friend of his that died suddenly while on a buddies trip together. The friend died suddenly and it was the last photo that the two friends had taken together. No one would have thought that would be the final image of my family member's friend.

To many people, a photo is just something we take for granted. Many images are forgotten. Some photos have only one copy and if not cared for, they are lost forever. When I had the opportunity to work on the simple photo for my family member, it was not just a favor to him to edit the photo, it was an honor to do it. One of the reasons I love to be able to do photography work is to help people capture and restore their precious images. I understand how important a simple image can be. For my family member, his small grainy, out of focus photo is priceless. 

Until next time, keep shooting.