Definition of an Artist

Many people that are artist and creatives have their own definition of what an artist is. The definition is different for many people and can depend on the discipline they are passionate about. I enjoy communicating with people about all forms of art and what art means for them. People that have drive and passion for a particular art form are very addictive to hang out with and you cannot help but be inspired by their love of art.   

One such artist is an old friend of mine that shared his definition of what an artist is to him and how art has truly changed the way he looks at life. Jeff is a very talented painter from North Carolina and creates some very impressive paintings. He allowed me to share his definition of what an artist is to him.

"An Artist is a soul born gifited in the image of the Creator. This gift gives rise to a passion that lives and breaths in every fiber of an Artist and it manifest itself thru their works. To such an individual inspirations are everywhere. Its in the trees, the sky, the water, and the mountains. Its in the way they see the folds of a blanket draped over a chair or a cup on a table with sun light caressing its form. Its in the gathering of people in a restaurant or on a street corner or going about their daily lives. An Artist makes art of all these things. To them even their family and friends become artistic inspirations. Wherever an Artist goes and whatever they do this passion is always with them and they bear witness to it by way of their works so that others may experience the pure joy that comes from Art in all its forms. This is what it is to be an Artist".

- J.A.Poe                                                                                                                 

So the question is, what does being an artist and a creative mean to you? Does your photography bring out the creative spirit in you? Share your thoughts of what it means to be an artist. 

 Roger's Tip: Be proud to be a creative person and artist. Without creatives and artist, the world would be a pretty dull place. Don't be dull. Do something epic and share your passion with others. They will thank you for it. 

Until next time, keep shooting.