The 3 Actions to Becoming a Better Photographer

3 Actions to Becoming a Better Photographer

In the photography world today it can be difficult to find out how to become a better photographer. We see examples of all types of photography and many photographers that have a great amount of talent. Many photographers seem to have some type of niche that sets them apart from other photographers. So, how can one become a better photographer with so many examples around us today? In this article, I will talk about three actions that one can pursue to become a better photographer. What is important to keep in mind is that each action is related to one another.

Action One - Learn All You Can and Absorb What is the Most Useful to You

Today in the photography community it is very hard to figure out what is needed to become a better photographer. Questions like;

  1. What do I need to get started?
  2. What type of photography should I do?
  3. What equipment do I need?
  4. What software should I use?
  5. Do I need to go to college to become a photographer?
  6. Should I attend photography workshops or seminars?
  7. Where should I go to take pictures?
  8. Do I need a license to become a professional photographer?

Such questions can be difficult to answer. The main reason is there is too much information to explore. The objective is to learn many forms of photography and seek those photographers you admire and respect and learn from them. Learning from other photographers can be done by books, seminars, workshops, Google, YouTube, etc... One must keep in mind that learning any skill is a continuous process and should be practiced every day. As you absorb information and become a better-skilled photographer it is very important that you explore and examine the information you have acquired and find out what methods are most important to you. 

Action Two - Do Away With Useless Information

It is important to remember that not all information is useful and needed. I listen to a lot of photographers talk endlessly about what equipment is best, technical specifications, and information that is really not that important and has no real value. To become a better photographer it is important to remember, less is more. One should work to simplify the work flow and discard useless information and activities that are not productive, meaningful, and enjoyable. It is very easy to get wrapped up in time-consuming activities that produce no results. Chip away at the non-essentials.  

Action Three - Make Your Photography Unique to You

After learning all you can and ridding yourself of useless practices, the next and most important action is to make your photography represent who you are. So many times photographers tend to want to copy other photographers because they admire their work. That is fine and many photographers do that. But what makes a great photographer stand out is a photographers uniqueness. Your work should reflect and represent who you are. Some of the best unknown photographers are those that have a unique passion for photography. They do photography for themselves and make their work specifically their own. You have to admire that spirit. 

If you wish to become a better photographer, learn all that you can, eliminate what you have no need for, and photograph for yourself. In the end, photography should be something that touches your soul and your spirit. 

Until next time. 

Roger Younce