The Little Things

Over the last few week's I have been exploring and studying other photographer's work and have become very inspired. I have seen photography videos and images showing photographers in beautiful locations all over the world. The images were amazing and I would love to have been able to travel and have the opportunity to take the same photos. Then reality set in. It got me thinking that there are many times things I can shoot that are small, beautiful,  and many times overlooked. We all have a tendency to walk right past very beautiful things with very pretty colors. This past week I set a goal to seek out photo opportunities right in my own back yard. I wanted to see if I could find colors and details in small little things that would make a great image. I wanted to also test out my new Tamron 18-400mm telephoto zoom lens. I was not disappointed. Below are a couple of photos that I shot of very small flowers found locally. I love the detail, colors, and clarity of the images. 

Flowers Small.jpg
Little Bud.jpg

The reality is, there are so many beautiful images you can shoot right at home if you can't travel. You just need to take the time and make the effort to go explore and get the shot. 

Roger Younce