Video Biography Memories

Today the use of video is everywhere and that is a great thing. But have you ever thought about how the use of video can change a person's life or how a legacy can be carried on with the use of a video? I love photography and taking photos to capture special moments in my life and the lives of others. Photos bring back memories and special moments in life because they capture life as it once was; good and bad. As I have gotten older I have developed a better understanding of the importance of using video to capture special moments along with photography.

It is true that it is easier than ever to use video to record all types of events. But, I believe the most effective way to record moments in others lives is through the use of a video biography. So what is video biography?  A biography is "a biography, or simply bio, is a detailed description of a person's life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person's experience of these life events. A video biography is more powerful than a written biography because it is a recording of person's life that is told by a person using video to record person life experiences. By using video, the stories become more personal and powerful.

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Several years ago my son and I set out to record a video biography of my wife's parents. I wanted to hear their story and record their history using video. Both parents were eager to share their story because they understood that long after they are gone the video would be very special to their kids, grandkids, and even their great grandkids. I want to record a brief history of my wife's mother and father separately and then together. I wanted to find out about their childhood, how they met, their kids and what family means to them. By asking questions to them during the interviews I was able to hear stories about their lives that even their own children had not heard before. After the video was post-processed my wife's parents and all the kids and grandchildren gathered to watch the video. Everyone seems very pleased with how it turned out. After the showing, I told everyone that the video will become very special in the future as the video will be a part of the families legacy. I provided copies to each member of the family so the video could be shared in the future. The Turner Biography video is a little grainy and was shot with equipment that was available several years ago. To see the sample video of the Turner Family Biography, click {Turner Family Bio).

What I learned from producing the video is how little members of a family knows about their elders. They do not know how they grew up, who were special in their lives, special events throughout their lives, and other life experiences. That is sad. It seems that people take for granted that people in their lives will live forever, then one day they are gone and then it is too late to sit down and ask them about their lives. I remember I listened to a testimonial of a man who participated in his own video biography. He was asked why he wanted to have one done. He stated he knew how special it would be for others in his life once he was gone. He wanted to tell his story in his own words and for people he loved and even the people he would never get the opportunity to meet. He stated that he would have loved to had a video biography of his great-grandmother, who was native American. He would have enjoyed hearing her story in her own words.

It is unfortunate that people do not take the time today to sit down with loved ones an ask about their lives before they are gone. It seems people think they are too busy. Actually, creating a video biography is not that difficult to do. It does take a little planning, coordination, preparation, software editing skills and patience. I personally, would have loved to have sat down with my grandmothers to find out more about their lives before they passed away. A video biography can be very powerful and is one way to capture other's life and stories that a simple photograph cannot do. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce