Facebook is Worthless for Business

After a couple of years of using Facebook for my photography business I have come to the conclusion that Facebook is pretty much worthless and a waste of time for my business. When I first considered using Facebook I thought it would be a great platform to reach an audience. I was interested in finding out how many other businesses were able to get so many "Likes". Of course, I associate”Likes” with a great customer base. I noticed that many well-known businesses had thousands of “Likes”. The reality is that "Likes" plus "Followers" does not equal income and success. I feel that success of using Facebook is an illusion. In 2017, I spent hundreds of dollars on marketing through Facebook and even Instagram. Yes, I got a lot of likes and clicks, but that does not really mean anything. 

So this year, I have decided to not use Facebook for my business. I have decided to use the platform I should have devoted more of my time, energy, and money to; my website. I feel I have a good website through Square Space. Square Space provides me what everything I need to operate my business. I am very pleased with them. My website will be my new home to reach my followers, friends, and loyal audience. I feel the new focus will provide better information to my customers and give me a realistic look at my actual audience rather than a bunch of unrealiable stats from Facebook and Instagram. 

To find out more about how Facebook is changing for the worse for small businesses visit the article on FStoppers at https://fstoppers.com/business/your-facebook-business-page-about-get-lot-less-traffic-212154.  

Are you a business that uses Facebook or Instagram? Have you seen success in using them? I would to hear your views. Feel free to provide your comments.

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce