Planning a Biker Portrait Photo Shoot


It is that time of year again to start planning for some awesome portrait sessions. I love this time of year. It gives me a chance to enjoy being outside and shooting all types of photography. One of my favorite types of photography is portraits even though I don't do too many session throughout the year. I am mainly a landscape, nature, and wildlife photographer, but I do like to challenge myself to shoot all types of photography (except diva weddings). That is why photography is fun, but yet a challenge. A good photographer and creative person understand they have to step out of their comfort zone to grow as an artist. Sometimes that can be difficult for some photographers. 

One of my favorite types of photo shoots this time of year are biker portrait photo shoots. I love to photograph bikers because the portrait sessions allow me to be more creative and work harder to come up with a unique image that a client or customer will enjoy and want to share with others. Since I do not have the luxury of a fancy studio I have to be a little more creative in where, how, and when I shot my biker portraits. Biker photo shoots require me to do scouting for unique locations and many times the location is selected based on the biker, the bike, and the overall objective of the what would make a great and unique biker portrait image. 

Things that I have to take into consideration is finding the right location or scene I need for my biker portraits. Lighting is very important for all my photo shoots and can be a challenge. I like to use natural lighting for all my outdoor photo shoots. I have to consider the time of the shoot, shadows, and the weather conditions. Permission to shoot at a location is very important and it is important for me to a little planning to get permission from an owner of a property before my planned photo shoots. I have found that is always a great idea to find different locations to shoot in case my original location will not pan out. It is not uncommon to have to switch locations for biker photo shoot. Sometimes, switching location is needed to get a particular shot you cannot get at a single location. 

I will have an opportunity to conduct a biker photo shoot with a great guy. I will call him, "Buster". Buster and I met to have a discussion about his biker photo shoot. It is always a great idea when planning a biker photo shoot to sit down with your client to discuss the plan for the photo shoot and work out any details like what to bring to photo shoot like props, clothing, gear, and equipment. I find it is a good idea to discuss what the plan is for the photo shoot and work out any details that might be misunderstood. When I conduct any photo shoot it is very important to work out the details of how the photos will be used and to get a signed photo release contract signed. Many photographers fail to do that and that can sometimes be something one may regret later on. 

As or 10 am today, I receive confirmation from the owner of the property I want to do the photo shoot on Friday afternoon. So as for now the next biker shoot with Buster is a "go". More to come...

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce