Biker Portrait Photo Shoot

Just recently I had the honor to photograph a biker friend of mine. I had been wanting to do a portrait session with my friend, Buster for the last few weeks. The weather was our biggest factor to deal with. I was pretty eager to do the portrait session for a variety of reasons. Not only was I looking forward the shoot, I was eager to test out my new camera body. I recently upgraded to a Canon 80D DSLR. I also purchased a new Rode microphone, and I was still testing my new Tamron 18-400mm zoom lens. So I had a lot to look forward too. 

Besides the weather, I had an issue with finding a good location for the photo shoot. I always like to find locations that are a little rundown or bring a historical feel to the photos for my biker shoots. Most of the time selecting a location can be a challenge. I have to factor in the look of the biker, the type of bike, lighting, weather conditions, accessibility, and safety. The place I found required me to contact the owner to get permission for the photo shoot. It is always a good idea to seek permission to conduct your portrait sessions if the location is not normally available to the public. The place I chose was an old gas station in historic Jamestown North Carolina. The owner was very nice and allowed me to shoot my session there. 

The biker I photograph was my friend Buster. Once Buster arrived for the shoot we discussed some posing options. I always like to discuss with my client what type of photos they would like taken and not base the images on my option. Getting feedback from the client is very important and makes the client part of the overall process. I believe that is very important for a successful portrait session. If you have never shot biker portraits it can be difficult to choose the proper poses for a biker. However, Buster was a great guy to photograph. He had the type of biker look I like to photograph and my options to photograph him were a little more flexible. Bikers like Buster allows me to create biker images that can be nostalgic and some images can be more modern. I had to consider Buster's look and the even the type of bike he wanted me to photograph. He has a beautiful Honda Goldwing that was great to photograph. Below is an image from my biker portrait photo shoot with Buster. 


I really enjoyed my photo shoot with Buster. He was a great guy to photograph and was easy to work with. I look forward to more biker portrait photo shoots this year. 

Until next time, keep shooting!