Beaufort's "Boats By the Bay" Photograph

One of the great things about working and playing with photos as a photographer is going back and finding old unedited photos and playing around with them. Most people have their hobbies and post processing old images is mine. I love taking an old photo and seeing if I can make look much different than the original. Lets face it, photos straight out of the camera is pretty boring. Recently, I found an old photo of mine that was taken in Beaufort NC. The town is very historic and has a Savannah feel to it. The town also has a great little harbor with some small boats usually docked there. The sunrises and sunset are very nice there on most occasions but when I captured the original image the normally beautiful sunset was missing but I felt the clouds would give the image a more moody appearance.

As you can see from the original image the photo was pretty boring. I wanted to fix that. I knew I wanted to take advantage of the awesome clouds so I was looking for a nostalgic stormy look. As with most of my photos I do experiment with different presets that I have at my disposal. I love presets! Lightroom presets save me a lot of time on post processing all my work. I have hundreds of preset and I collect them from various vendors and sometimes I create my own. My favorite vendor to purchase presets is from Picture Monk. Jordan Younce is actually Picture Monk and he creates new presets about once a year. Picture Monks offers a bundle of presets for just about any type of shot. In the "Boats By The Bay" photo I used one of Picture Monks presets and I think it came out great. Checkout the Picture Monk Presets online.

Below is the finished version of my "Boats By The Bay" photo from Beaufort NC along with the before and after images. I believe I was able to capture exactly the feel I was looking for with the image. If you ever get a chance to visit Beaufort NC get up early for the sunrises and stay long enough for the sunsets. You will not be sorry for spending the day relaxing by the beautiful and peaceful Beaufort NC bay.

- Roger Younce

Boats by the Bay Before and After