Finding Photography Inspiration With Music Videos

When it comes to photography it can sometimes be difficult to find inspiration for capturing the types of photos you enjoy shooting. All proactive and successful photographers take the time to research other photographers work to get some creative ideas for their own photos. But, have you ever really looked at music videos for inspiration?  

Recently, I was viewing a few music videos on YouTube and I was looking for songs that told a story. Fortunately for me, I enjoy country music and country music videos many times tell great stories. One video that caught my attention was a song called "Wild Child" by Kenny Chesney. I have always liked the song and had only seen the video once. After watching the video again I was taken by the great images in the video. Even though the images were in a video format I noticed there could have been some beautiful still photos taken during the shoot. The video gave me some great ideas and inspiration for my future portrait photoshoots.  

So what videos could you go back a review from a photographers point of view? I am sure if you look hard enough you will find that well produced music videos can provide you with inspiration for your future photos. You just have to look for the right videos. Below is the video I was referring to. If you don't like the music turn down the sound and focus on the video production. If you do like the music, enjoy: 

Roger's Tip: Always be looking for inspiration for your photography projects. Many times the inspiration is right in front of you.

Until next time.  

- Roger Younce