Why You Should Scan All Your Old Photos

Do you have a lot of photos that you have collected over the years? I am sure you do. If you are like me you have hundreds of old photos in old boxes, drawers, in the attic or hidden away in a basement. You might even have old photos stuck in old photo binders or even worse framed on a wall that maybe stuck to the glass in the frame (getting those photos out without destroying them is always fun). The next question is how many of those precious photos are one of a kind? In other words, you only have one copy. If you are like me you probably have hundreds of photos that need to be scanned in a digital format, backed up and stored away. 

A few years ago I was bored and took a look around my home and realized I had a lot of photos that were printed out. Many of those photos were over 40 years old. Most of my old photos were in boxes and cabinets throughout my home. I started thinking, what would happen if I lost all my old one of a kind photos of my family and my life. What if I had a house fire and lost the photos? I did not want to think about how devastated I would be. So I knew I needed to do something quick. I decided to hunt for all my photos that were printed out. I mean, every photo! That meant photos in drawers, my attic, in closets, in binders in file drawers and  even the photos framed on my walls and throughout my home. I collected all my photos and started scanning them. 

Scanning my photos was not a quick fix. I had hundreds of photos. The project took me four full weekends to scan every photo I could find. The scanning project was very important to me. I wanted to make sure I preserved every photo I could find. I knew many of the photos were the originals and there was no digital backups. 

Oh backups! That was the next step in my journey. Once I had all my photos scanned as digital images I need to stored my photos on my computer. But that was not the end of my story. I needed my photos backup and not on an extra hard drive in my home. I needed my photos stored and backed up using a off-site live backup service. Having my photos on my computer was going to be useless if I had a house fire of my computer crashed. 

After four weekends of my life scanning and storing my old photos I felt pretty comfortable with my decision to scan my old files. I never wanted to lose any of my old photos. All of them are a record of my life and my family. The photos are a record of my history and I wanted to make sure those photos would be available to for years to come. 

When you get a chance, take a long hard look at where your photos are and think about how you would feel if you one day lost all your photos. I suggest you take the time to scan and backup your photos as soon as possible. You will not regret it. 

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Until next time.