New Photography Service Called "Quick Pics"!


Have you ever needed a quick photo and did not have the time to locate someone with a camera to take a nice photo for you? Many people sometimes just need a quick photo. The photo could be a quick headshot, family portrait, pet photo, a photo of thier favorite ride, a photo for a special event, a couples shot, product photo, real estate, or even a quick photo of some commercial property. The need for a quick photo can range from a variety of situations.

People that need a quick photo don't have time to track down a local photographer. Just this morning while I was writing this post a lady contacted me to ask if she could set up a time to photograph her and her family. She wanted a few photos of her kids and wanted to be able to share the images and print them out for other family members and friends. They don't have time to travel to a studio. Most importantly, they don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a photo shoot when they only need a quick photo or two. That is where "Quick Pics" comes in.

How Quick Pics Services Work?

My new photography service is called Quick Pics and now you can get a quick photo pretty easily. If you are in my servicing area we can meet to shoot your needed photo. Here is how it works. I meet my clients and discuss what photo they need. After getting the image or images, I will professional post-process the images and then the client decides which images they want. Prices are based on the number of digital images the client chooses to purchase. After the selection is made by the client the client will receive the selected images on a CD or they can choose to download the images by receiving a personal link provided by me. Either way, the client will have their own digital images that they can print and share them any way they choose.

Schedule Your Session

So why pay hundreds of dollars for an hour-long photo shoot when you only need a photo or two? Now you have another option and it is called Quick Pics. To schedule your photo shoot and your own personal Quick Pic session contact me. I would love to be your own personal photographer.

Until next time!


Getting Up to Get That Sunrise

Are you a morning person who likes to get up super early and go outside on a cold windy morning and take photos? I am, sorta. It all depends on my reason to get up and go outside and get an early morning photograph. I really don't have a problem getting up early. I usually am awake around 5 a.m. Most nights, my body only requires about 6 hours of sleep. So, one a recent trip, I took advantage of my insomnia and got up each morning to get a nice morning sunrise photo on the beaches of Sunset Beach in North Carolina. After getting up at 5 a.m. and having a half a bucket of coffee I was on my way to get a beautiful sunrise image.

The temperature the morning I ventured out wasn't really that bad. However, it was a windy morning with winds around 20 mph. I arrived about 45 minutes before sunrise to set up and get the shot. My objective was not to get a photograph of the sunrise. My objective was to get an early morning video of the sunrise and the red morning sky. I wanted to capture the beauty of the red morning sky and the soothing sounds of the beach at high-tide.

I wasn't surprised at the number of photographers that were out to capture the sunrise that morning. I understood why they wanted to get an epic shot of the sunrise too. It was actually pretty nice to see so many people that shared the same passion for natures beauty and photography.

Morning Photographers

Morning Photographers

Below is the video I captured that morning. I wanted to capture the beautiful red sky, the sun, and the waves as they came in during high-tide. It was nice to video the morning sunrise and at the same time have the opportunity to enjoy the moment while my camera did all the work. Sometimes, as photographers, we get so focused on a shot and never take the time to enjoy the special moments and live in the moment. That morning, I did.

It can be a pain to get up early in the morning to get a unique image. I want to get the shot because I am aware that that special image will never come around again and I don't want to miss my opportunity to capture it. I enjoy sleep as much as the next guy, but I also know I a take a nap later. If you are not a morning person, do what most photographers do and at least get a sunset image. Below is a sunset video I shot the same day. It was a great day.

Until next time, get up early and keep shooting!


The Car Hop

Sometimes as a photographer I get lucky and get to photograph subjects that I normally don't have access to. My passion is photographing landscapes, nature, wildlife and some portrait work, but I like to try other forms of photography when I can. About 2 years ago I attended a local car show in my town. I have always like photographing old cars. On that day, I was fortunate to be able to photograph a model that was there.

While walking around the car show I noticed that a few people were gathering around a car and I became curious. My wife and I went to the location to see what all the fuss was about. It turned out that people were gathering around to watch a model get her photo taken with some old cars. I noticed a photographer taking his photos and how the photographer seemed to be working together to get a few shots. My guess was the photographer was working on some type a pin-up calendar by the way the model was dressed. Of course, I did not want to interfere with the photographer and model but I thought it would be cool get a few images of the model since she was willing to pose for the shots. She seemed to not mind other photographers taking photos of her and providing several poses for the shoot. What was cool was the photographer planned his shot very well by providing the model with a variety of nice props to use for the shoot.

What is cool about having a model is that a model is someone that willing to pose for photos. It makes taking photos so much easier for the photographer. A good model pretty much knows the shots the photographer is trying to capture and goes through a variety of poses for the photographer. I was not her photographer but it was fun to try to capture a few images as she posed for her photo session with her photographer. I call my photo of the model the "Car Hop". I don't know who the model or who the photographer was but I do appreciate them letting take my photo. I think it turned out pretty nice.

The Car Hop

The Car Hop

Until next time, keep shooting!


Joining Youtube!


I have finally decided to join the Youtube community and start posting some of my projects on Youtube. I knew the day would finally come when I would take the plunge. I am a photographer by choice because that is where my passion comes is. However, I have always been fascinated with how visuals come to life with video. I love to watch other Youtube videographers and photographer work on Youtube. I enjoy watching all types of videos and studying how they are created. So I have decided to share some of my work and journey as a photographer on Youtube. 

Starting my Youtube channel will be a challenge for me. The reason why is because I don't shoot a lot of videos. I need to learn to use video editing software. I normally don't work with video editing software. However, I am comfortable shooting images and small video clips but I need to improve my skills as a videographer. To do that it will require me learning new software. Since I am MAC user I have decided to use iMovie. Yes, I know it is not the greatest video editing software but it will be a good place for me to learn. I have quickly learned several of the important features for iMovie and have started playing around with editing video clips, adding music, adding transitions and other editing tools. I feel it will not be long before I purchase Final Cut Pro. My son has that software and he is very good with it. It will be nice to spend time with my son so he can show his "old man" some cool stuff using Final Cut Pro. 

I hope to have other projects posted in the future that will feature images and videos. My goal is simple. Become a better creative and tell a short. For me, being a "creative" is all about the journey. Sometimes the journey is not all about traveling to cool locations. For me, it will require me stepping out of my comfort zone and learning something new. You are invited to join me on my journey. 

Until then, check out my latest biker portrait slideshow on my Youtube Channel

Feel free to subscribe to my new Roger Younce Youtube Channel and let others know about it. If you have a Youtube Channel I would love to see it. 

Until next time, keep shooting!


Stabilization is Kind of Important for Sharper Images

Every photographer knows that there is more to taking a photo than just clicking a button. There are so many elements to keep in mind when it comes to taking a photo. But, one thing I find not mentioned enough for beginner photographers is the need for stabilization and why it is important to keep in mind when planning a photo shoot. In this post, I will explain how I forgot to keep stabilization in mind on a recent photo shoot at a car show in Greensboro NC called "Cars and Coffee". 

I decided to attend the car show for the first time even though I have lived in Greensboro many years. It is that time of year when I look for photo opportunities and like to photograph beautiful cars. So, I decided to attend the Cars and Coffee event. The event was a pretty big event. When I arrived I had no idea the event was that popular. There were cars and trucks of all types and it was interesting to see the cars and the size of the crowd. 

Prior to my trip, I had to decide what gear I would need for the event. I felt it was important that I took my wide angle lens, new Canon 80D, cell phone for taking a quick video, and my tripod. I even took my 50mm lens. I felt that was all gear I would need. I knew that I would need the wide angle lens and I would have to get fairly close to each vehicle to get a decent shot. My original plan was to use my tripod to help me get some very sharp images. But that did not happen. I decided when I arrived at the location that I was not going to have the luxury to set up for my shots and set a 2-second timer like I normally do. There were way too many people and I knew they were not going to cooperate with that plan. So, I decided to leave my tripod in my vehicle and just shot "hand-held". 

Here is why it is important to remember the type of gear you have and do a little additional planning for any photo shoot. In my case, I had no stabilization. My new Canon 80D does not have stabilization. I knew that. However,  I thought my wide angle lens did. I was wrong about that. You are probably wondering if my tripod would have helped. Yes, it would if I could have used it. The problem was there were too many people around for me to set up properly. That is why I left it in my vehicle. 

So, whose fault was it that I could not get the sharp images I wanted to get? Why that would be me. I did not take into consideration stabilization. All of my lenses have "stablization", except for my wide-angle. I forgot that little detail. So, what did I learn from my experience? I learned I need to do a little more in-depth planning and take into consideration all the obstacles I will have when I get to a location. A car show sounds like it can be an easy location to shoot but it is not. Every car show I have ever attended was very difficult for me and I can imagine it is for many photographers. The conditions can be very challenging. 

I learned that no matter how bad I want to use car photos for my gallery it is not going to happen. There are too many people getting into the shots, many times the sun is directly in your eyes, vehicle's glass causes a great deal of glare, and most car shows are pretty unorganized. The Cars and Coffee Car Show was very unorganized. 

With all that said, there really is no excuse for not properly planning for the car show. I learned a valuable lesson about the need to plan for stabilization issues. I can not blame anyone but me for not getting sharper images from the car show. Below is just one of the images I was able to salvage from the photo shoot with a little help with some Sleeklens presets and Lightroom. It is not a great image but the best one I got. I will do better next time. 


Until next time, keep shooting!


Photography is More Than Just Getting the Shot

We have all heard the motto that "it is not all about the reaching a goal that is most important, but it more about the journey". When it comes to photography and wanting the capture a nice photograph of a location you have never visited that motto can be a great one to remember. Recently, I visited a state park in North Carolina that I had never heard of before even though I from North Carolina. The state park gets very little publicity, but my wife read that the park had a waterfall as one of it's major attractions. Those that know me know I really cannot resist photographing a new waterfall. With the information I got from my wife and the photos she found of the waterfall I thought we would take a road trip and check it out. My objective was to get a new image of a new waterfall and add it to my collection of photos of waterfalls from North Carolina. 

South Mountain State Park in North Carolina was not a far from my home. The trip was only going to take about 2 hours from my home. According to what my wife and I read about the park was the park offered clean campsite, hiking trails, a beautiful flowing creek, and best all the water that is called, "High Shoals Falls". Finding the park was not that easy and took my wife and I deep into the back roads of North Carolina. On the back roads, we saw large farmlands, old country homes, and nice roaming pastures. I was actually surprised that the state park was so far off the beaten path and at times wondered if we were lost. After about 2.5 of driving, we finally made it to the state park. 

When we entered the park we found the park to be rather nice, clean and there were very few visitors. We kind of planned it that way. We decided to visit the park on a Monday to avoid the crowds that we read could be large on the weekends. We made the right decision to visit on a Monday. Once we entered the park we entered a very nice visitors center and got directions to the waterfall. The waterfall was only 2 miles from the visitors center.

We had read the hiking trail to the waterfalls was only one mile, one way. We also read the trail was flat, and it was a moderate trail. Well, the trail was one mile long but the trail was not flat or moderate. The first part of the trail was flat, but about halfway into the hike, the trail became a little more difficult. The trail had large roots from nearby trees near a nice flowing and beautiful creek. The trail had some steep steps that had to be taken to get to various parts of the trail, and more importantly, the last quarter mile of the trail consisted of steeper steps and large boulders to confront. As we got closer to the base of the boulders my wife decided she would stay by the creek side and enjoy the nice weather and listen to the flowing water from the creek. She was the smart one. I decided to venture to the top to get a photo of the waterfall that was not visible from the location where I departed from my wife. My guess was, I was not too far from the waterfall. I was wrong. 

Once I departed my wife, began the short but tiring journey of climbing steep stairs and rocks to get to the summit. On my way to the top, I passed a few people. I passed two young girls on my way to the top (or should I say they passed me). I also had an older gentleman pass me that was coming done from the falls. He had a great deal of difficulty coming down the step stairs descending from the upper falls. I knew the hike was very difficult for him and he stated he had a lot of physical issues. Walking was one of them. I had a lot of respect for the old geezer. He could barely walk but he did not let that stop him from venturing to the top to snap a photo or two of the waterfall even though he had taken the trip many times before. 

Once I reached the top and beside the High Shoals Falls, I was impressed by the amount of water from the falls. Recently, the area had received a great amount of rainfall. So the volume of water was impressive. However, I was disappointed in the view. I found out very quickly that there was no real way to get a good composition for my shot. Another issue was the direction of the sun. I had to shoot directly into the sun and that was not going to work at all. There was a small platform to work from and I was continually dealing with mist from the waterfall. I did take a few images but after I reviewed them they were not worth keeping. After being a little disappointed I packed up my gear and began my journey back down the trail to meet up with my wife. Coming down the trail was a little tricky and it was a place that one would not want to fall, sprain an ankle, or break a leg. As I came down the trail I began to think about the old man I passed and wondered if he made it down okay. I did locate him resting on a boulder 30 minutes after I originally met him. He was taking his time and being careful in his decent. I could tell it was not his first rodeo.  

After meeting up with my wife, I informed her that I did not get a good shot of the waterfall. Then I started thinking that the trip was not a total waste of my time and getting a special image was not that important. What made the trip special was I got to enjoy an adventure of visiting a location that I had never heard of before. My wife and I got to spend quality time together enjoying a beautiful day. My wife got to do a little mediating by a nice flowing creek and enjoy some private time in nature. 

Those in photography, including myself, sometimes get so hung up in getting that "special image" that we can work with and share with others. But, the image is not what made the journey membeable. What makes a journey special is the what happens throughout the adventure. Sometimes is best to go with the flow and enjoy the experiences, sights, sounds, and challenges from an adventure. If one is too focused on getting a great image, one can miss out on what is most important and it living in the moment. 

If you get a chance to visit South Mountain State Park in North Carolina, enjoy the park. It as very nice campsite, a beautiful stream to fly fish and hike by, numerous hiking trails, and most of all a nice waterfall if want to push yourself to the top. Just remember to enjoy the journey. 

Until next time, keep shooting!


Colors of Spring are Coming!

Well, it is that time of year when the great state of North Carolina and other surroundings states get to enjoy some much-needed rain. Some people don't like rain but I do. Rain is vital to our area producing some of the most beautiful colors in Spring. I created a simple slideshow of some my images of flowers in the Spring of last year. The images are part of my SquardUp Collection. For those that don't know, the SquardUp Collect offers some beautiful metallic prints in three sizes, 10x10, 12x12, and 16x16. Most people that purchase the SquardUp prints use them to brighten up there homes. I actually have 3 prints for my home. 

Below is my "Colors of Spring" slideshow to help get everyone pumped up for Spring. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce

Capturing a Unique Image

As a photographer, it always fun to experiment with all types of images. By experimenting, it allows a "creative" photographer to try new things. I love to photograph landscapes, nature, and wildlife, but I also enjoy capturing unique portrait images. One of my favorite portrait images came from a visit I had the honor to go to in North Carolina. The event is only held in October and getting tickets is very hard to do. I was lucky because I knew someone that had connections that could get me in the event. I was told the event featured an environment created to represent a special place in history. I love attending such events because it allows a great opportunity to capture unique images of the past. 

The Lady on the Porch

The Lady on the Porch

During my visit to the historical event, I was fortunate to see players that represented individuals of the past. The players walked around the site and portrayed their characters very well. I was able to photograph soldiers, adults, children, a schoolhouse the children, animals, old buildings, and unique and historic items from the past. However, my favorite image came from two women who simply sat outside a cabin on the porch. When I saw the two women in their costumes I knew I had to get the shot. Not only was the setting great the women played their characters with no regard to the people around them. The image of the lady I captured was very special to me becuase the lady was willing to work and pretend I was not around. However, the best thing she did for me was to pose for me. When I started to take the shot, she actually stopped sewing until I got the shot. I loved that about her. I knew immediately what I was going to do with the image. I wanted to create an image that looked like a painting. I wanted to create a feel for the image and the feeling had to represent the past. The image is called the "Lady on the Porch" and is one of my favorite portraits. 

For me, photographing a variety of subjects only makes me a better photographer. Photography can allow all photographers to shoot a variety of subjects and situations. I personally cannot understand why any photographer would ever become bored and say there is nothing to photograph. There is always something to photograph. I love to photograph all types of subjects and events, except for weddings. I do not have the patience for weddings. However, I do respect those that do. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce

A Beautiful Beaufort Sunset

One of my favorite things about photography is the opportunity and many times luck of capturing a photo when it was not expected. Part of capturing a great image is capturing the correct light without to use of external man-made lighting. As most photographers know the best time to capture beautiful light is usually in the morning or at sunrise. I watch a lot of photography videos and it is funny to me to see a photographer spend all day talking about capturing a great image and he or she actually waits until sunset to take the image. There is a good reason for that. Sunset can provide the best lighting for an image. 

One of my favorite images was taken on the coast of North Carolina in Beaufort, North Carolina. The image was taken right before sunset near a dock with sailboats. My original plan was to take some photos of the boardwalk and the bridge in the area. I was set to take some photos of the bridge and happened to look behind me and noticed a very beautiful yellow and golden sunset behind the sailboats. The reflexion of the boats in the water also made the view very special. I learned a long time ago to always look around for unique images. I learned to always look behind you to see if a nice image is there. Actually, some of my favorite images came from looking behind me and was not my original goal for some photoshoots. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.26.38 AM.png

The Beaufort Sunset in one of my favorite sunset images. It is not the traditional sunset image but it is very special to me. I love the boats, reflections in the water, and beautiful colors of the sky right before sunset. If you are interested in ordering a metallic paper print or metal print visit “Beaufort Sunset” on my website. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce

Video Biography Memories

Today the use of video is everywhere and that is a great thing. But have you ever thought about how the use of video can change a person's life or how a legacy can be carried on with the use of a video? I love photography and taking photos to capture special moments in my life and the lives of others. Photos bring back memories and special moments in life because they capture life as it once was; good and bad. As I have gotten older I have developed a better understanding of the importance of using video to capture special moments along with photography.

It is true that it is easier than ever to use video to record all types of events. But, I believe the most effective way to record moments in others lives is through the use of a video biography. So what is video biography?  A biography is "a biography, or simply bio, is a detailed description of a person's life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person's experience of these life events. A video biography is more powerful than a written biography because it is a recording of person's life that is told by a person using video to record person life experiences. By using video, the stories become more personal and powerful.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 4.19.31 PM.png

Several years ago my son and I set out to record a video biography of my wife's parents. I wanted to hear their story and record their history using video. Both parents were eager to share their story because they understood that long after they are gone the video would be very special to their kids, grandkids, and even their great grandkids. I want to record a brief history of my wife's mother and father separately and then together. I wanted to find out about their childhood, how they met, their kids and what family means to them. By asking questions to them during the interviews I was able to hear stories about their lives that even their own children had not heard before. After the video was post-processed my wife's parents and all the kids and grandchildren gathered to watch the video. Everyone seems very pleased with how it turned out. After the showing, I told everyone that the video will become very special in the future as the video will be a part of the families legacy. I provided copies to each member of the family so the video could be shared in the future. The Turner Biography video is a little grainy and was shot with equipment that was available several years ago. To see the sample video of the Turner Family Biography, click {Turner Family Bio).

What I learned from producing the video is how little members of a family knows about their elders. They do not know how they grew up, who were special in their lives, special events throughout their lives, and other life experiences. That is sad. It seems that people take for granted that people in their lives will live forever, then one day they are gone and then it is too late to sit down and ask them about their lives. I remember I listened to a testimonial of a man who participated in his own video biography. He was asked why he wanted to have one done. He stated he knew how special it would be for others in his life once he was gone. He wanted to tell his story in his own words and for people he loved and even the people he would never get the opportunity to meet. He stated that he would have loved to had a video biography of his great-grandmother, who was native American. He would have enjoyed hearing her story in her own words.

It is unfortunate that people do not take the time today to sit down with loved ones an ask about their lives before they are gone. It seems people think they are too busy. Actually, creating a video biography is not that difficult to do. It does take a little planning, coordination, preparation, software editing skills and patience. I personally, would have loved to have sat down with my grandmothers to find out more about their lives before they passed away. A video biography can be very powerful and is one way to capture other's life and stories that a simple photograph cannot do. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce

Reediting a Not-So-Old Image

As most people know I love waterfalls. I can't get enough of them. When I can't photograph a beautiful waterfall I do the next best thing; I reediting the ones I have. Today was a great day to look through some of my favorite waterfall photos to see if I could work some creative magic on an old image. I decided to work on a small but beautiful waterfall called the Mountain Meadows Falls. My objective was to use a combination of Lightroom CC and Luminar to edit the image. Here lately, I have started my editing process by beginning with Luminar. Luminar provides me with a nice baseline to start my edits. Some of the presets are great for landscapes and provides some creavity options to work with. 

Mountain Meadows Falls is a simple waterfall in North Carolina and the location provides a nice hidden type of mood to the image. I wanted to focus on the rock formations and the beautiful flowing water from the falls. After I found a nice preset in Luminar I exported the image to Lightroom and used a couple of my favorite presets from Sleeklens. Sleeklen presets are awesome and there many preset packages to choose from to get the look I wanted for the waterfall. I think the image turned out great and judging from the positive feedback from my socials media channels, the image was a hig hit.  



Mountain Meadows Falls. 

Until next time, keep shooting.