New Photography Service Called "Quick Pics"!


Have you ever needed a quick photo and did not have the time to locate someone with a camera to take a nice photo for you? Many people sometimes just need a quick photo. The photo could be a quick headshot, family portrait, pet photo, a photo of thier favorite ride, a photo for a special event, a couples shot, product photo, real estate, or even a quick photo of some commercial property. The need for a quick photo can range from a variety of situations.

People that need a quick photo don't have time to track down a local photographer. Just this morning while I was writing this post a lady contacted me to ask if she could set up a time to photograph her and her family. She wanted a few photos of her kids and wanted to be able to share the images and print them out for other family members and friends. They don't have time to travel to a studio. Most importantly, they don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a photo shoot when they only need a quick photo or two. That is where "Quick Pics" comes in.

How Quick Pics Services Work?

My new photography service is called Quick Pics and now you can get a quick photo pretty easily. If you are in my servicing area we can meet to shoot your needed photo. Here is how it works. I meet my clients and discuss what photo they need. After getting the image or images, I will professional post-process the images and then the client decides which images they want. Prices are based on the number of digital images the client chooses to purchase. After the selection is made by the client the client will receive the selected images on a CD or they can choose to download the images by receiving a personal link provided by me. Either way, the client will have their own digital images that they can print and share them any way they choose.

Schedule Your Session

So why pay hundreds of dollars for an hour-long photo shoot when you only need a photo or two? Now you have another option and it is called Quick Pics. To schedule your photo shoot and your own personal Quick Pic session contact me. I would love to be your own personal photographer.

Until next time!


Joining Youtube!


I have finally decided to join the Youtube community and start posting some of my projects on Youtube. I knew the day would finally come when I would take the plunge. I am a photographer by choice because that is where my passion comes is. However, I have always been fascinated with how visuals come to life with video. I love to watch other Youtube videographers and photographer work on Youtube. I enjoy watching all types of videos and studying how they are created. So I have decided to share some of my work and journey as a photographer on Youtube. 

Starting my Youtube channel will be a challenge for me. The reason why is because I don't shoot a lot of videos. I need to learn to use video editing software. I normally don't work with video editing software. However, I am comfortable shooting images and small video clips but I need to improve my skills as a videographer. To do that it will require me learning new software. Since I am MAC user I have decided to use iMovie. Yes, I know it is not the greatest video editing software but it will be a good place for me to learn. I have quickly learned several of the important features for iMovie and have started playing around with editing video clips, adding music, adding transitions and other editing tools. I feel it will not be long before I purchase Final Cut Pro. My son has that software and he is very good with it. It will be nice to spend time with my son so he can show his "old man" some cool stuff using Final Cut Pro. 

I hope to have other projects posted in the future that will feature images and videos. My goal is simple. Become a better creative and tell a short. For me, being a "creative" is all about the journey. Sometimes the journey is not all about traveling to cool locations. For me, it will require me stepping out of my comfort zone and learning something new. You are invited to join me on my journey. 

Until then, check out my latest biker portrait slideshow on my Youtube Channel

Feel free to subscribe to my new Roger Younce Youtube Channel and let others know about it. If you have a Youtube Channel I would love to see it. 

Until next time, keep shooting!


Does Your Photography Website Represent You

Do you have your own photography website? Does it represent you? I have always been interested in studying other photographers work and wanting to find out if their website (if they have one) represents them or does their website reflect what they feel their audience wants to see. A website can be important for any business and can be very important for photographers. Most photographers want to share their work and receive feedback from others using a variety of methods. Today, many photographers share their work on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vero. Those are great advertising methods but they really don't allow others to get to know a photographer. Sadly, having a good photography website is slowly becoming a thing of the past. But, websites can be very effective if a photographer can create a website that that truly represents them. My question is, do a lot of photographers give up their creativity to please others, achieve fame, or seek to make a buck or two? I tend to notice that with many photography websites. 

What I see when reviewing a lot of photography websites is a lot of repetitive information given by photographers that is not that original. That is not really the photographer's fault. Photography information and topics can be very repetitive. Repetitive photography tips, tricks, and technological information can become very overwhelming to many people and sometimes, very boring. When having your own website it can be very easy to get hung up on repeating the same information over and over again and losing your audience on your own website. What most photographers struggle with is creating new content that is informational and entertaining while hopefully keeping an audience. Many of today's photography websites do not do that. 

In my opinion, a photographer's website can be more interesting if it can effectively represent the photographer and what he or she wants to photograph regardless of all the advice by other photographers. Some photographers say you should focus on a particular style of photography and make that one style your specialty. Some photographers say you should shoot all types of photography and be well-rounded.. I really don't follow the logic behind either view. I feel that you should photograph the type of photography you enjoy and are passionate about. I feel one's website would be more effective if more photographers would do that instead of trying to follow the same model as others. Many times being original as a photographer can be very cool and personally rewarding.

Not that my website will win any awards but I do like to create and build my website based on what I like to photograph and how I feel about photography in "my world". I like to express my views on having my own photography business. I can do that because it is my website and I can be as creative as I want to be.  I am aware of what types of photography that I don't care for or enjoy doing. If you look at my website you will not see a definite theme. My website is not technology based. I don't share a lot of tips, tricks, or gear information. I am actually all over the place. I photograph landscapes, wildlife, nature, and even biker portraits. I photograph such subjects because that is what I like and I find creatively rewarding. I don't photograph images just to please others. If others like my images, , products, services, and views, that's great. But, pleasing everyone is not my main goal. 

Trying to develop a website and a style that will please everyone is not my ultimate objective. My website reflects who I am as a photographer and as a creative person. I enjoy creating new images, styles, unique products, and services that I find fascinating and interesting. If one looks at my website one can see that it does represent me. I love to visit landscapes and photograph their beauty. I love to capture interesting images of nature. I enjoy photographing amazing animals. I am very passionate about capturing images that tell a story. I want to offer products and services that I find interesting and I believe others will too. I want to share my thoughts about photography and life in my blog to anyone that might find my views interesting. I want others feedback. Those are just a few things about my website that represents who I am and my photography journey. 


So do you have a website that features the same information that other photographers post? Or, does your photography website reflect your style, creativity, and your uniqueness? My advice is not to follow everyone else but study them, learn from others and share yourself with an interesting website. Keep in mind anyone can build a flashing website with all types of information that is many times very repetitive. People will visit a website with a personal touch. Allow them to take a journey with a photographer. If you have a website that truly represents you, people will want to follow you on your journey. 

Until next time, keep shooting!


Biker Portrait Photo Shoot

Just recently I had the honor to photograph a biker friend of mine. I had been wanting to do a portrait session with my friend, Buster for the last few weeks. The weather was our biggest factor to deal with. I was pretty eager to do the portrait session for a variety of reasons. Not only was I looking forward the shoot, I was eager to test out my new camera body. I recently upgraded to a Canon 80D DSLR. I also purchased a new Rode microphone, and I was still testing my new Tamron 18-400mm zoom lens. So I had a lot to look forward too. 

Besides the weather, I had an issue with finding a good location for the photo shoot. I always like to find locations that are a little rundown or bring a historical feel to the photos for my biker shoots. Most of the time selecting a location can be a challenge. I have to factor in the look of the biker, the type of bike, lighting, weather conditions, accessibility, and safety. The place I found required me to contact the owner to get permission for the photo shoot. It is always a good idea to seek permission to conduct your portrait sessions if the location is not normally available to the public. The place I chose was an old gas station in historic Jamestown North Carolina. The owner was very nice and allowed me to shoot my session there. 

The biker I photograph was my friend Buster. Once Buster arrived for the shoot we discussed some posing options. I always like to discuss with my client what type of photos they would like taken and not base the images on my option. Getting feedback from the client is very important and makes the client part of the overall process. I believe that is very important for a successful portrait session. If you have never shot biker portraits it can be difficult to choose the proper poses for a biker. However, Buster was a great guy to photograph. He had the type of biker look I like to photograph and my options to photograph him were a little more flexible. Bikers like Buster allows me to create biker images that can be nostalgic and some images can be more modern. I had to consider Buster's look and the even the type of bike he wanted me to photograph. He has a beautiful Honda Goldwing that was great to photograph. Below is an image from my biker portrait photo shoot with Buster. 


I really enjoyed my photo shoot with Buster. He was a great guy to photograph and was easy to work with. I look forward to more biker portrait photo shoots this year. 

Until next time, keep shooting!


Planning a Biker Portrait Photo Shoot


It is that time of year again to start planning for some awesome portrait sessions. I love this time of year. It gives me a chance to enjoy being outside and shooting all types of photography. One of my favorite types of photography is portraits even though I don't do too many session throughout the year. I am mainly a landscape, nature, and wildlife photographer, but I do like to challenge myself to shoot all types of photography (except diva weddings). That is why photography is fun, but yet a challenge. A good photographer and creative person understand they have to step out of their comfort zone to grow as an artist. Sometimes that can be difficult for some photographers. 

One of my favorite types of photo shoots this time of year are biker portrait photo shoots. I love to photograph bikers because the portrait sessions allow me to be more creative and work harder to come up with a unique image that a client or customer will enjoy and want to share with others. Since I do not have the luxury of a fancy studio I have to be a little more creative in where, how, and when I shot my biker portraits. Biker photo shoots require me to do scouting for unique locations and many times the location is selected based on the biker, the bike, and the overall objective of the what would make a great and unique biker portrait image. 

Things that I have to take into consideration is finding the right location or scene I need for my biker portraits. Lighting is very important for all my photo shoots and can be a challenge. I like to use natural lighting for all my outdoor photo shoots. I have to consider the time of the shoot, shadows, and the weather conditions. Permission to shoot at a location is very important and it is important for me to a little planning to get permission from an owner of a property before my planned photo shoots. I have found that is always a great idea to find different locations to shoot in case my original location will not pan out. It is not uncommon to have to switch locations for biker photo shoot. Sometimes, switching location is needed to get a particular shot you cannot get at a single location. 

I will have an opportunity to conduct a biker photo shoot with a great guy. I will call him, "Buster". Buster and I met to have a discussion about his biker photo shoot. It is always a great idea when planning a biker photo shoot to sit down with your client to discuss the plan for the photo shoot and work out any details like what to bring to photo shoot like props, clothing, gear, and equipment. I find it is a good idea to discuss what the plan is for the photo shoot and work out any details that might be misunderstood. When I conduct any photo shoot it is very important to work out the details of how the photos will be used and to get a signed photo release contract signed. Many photographers fail to do that and that can sometimes be something one may regret later on. 

As or 10 am today, I receive confirmation from the owner of the property I want to do the photo shoot on Friday afternoon. So as for now the next biker shoot with Buster is a "go". More to come...

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce 



Why Do Photographers Do What They Do?

Roger .jpg

Have you ever wondered why people like to do photography? I am always been fascinated by why people like to take photographs or shoot video. It is fun to explore why some people find photography and videography so interesting. Some people love the artistic aspect of the two mediums. Some people are very creative and like to create new things and share their work with others. Many people get into photography and videography because they want to make money and want to do it as a business venture. Of course, there are many other reasons. 

For me, it is all about capturing life and in a way, leaving a legacy after I am long gone. Many years ago, I started taking photos to capture special events. Some of the photos I have taken over the last 40 years are some of the most important treasures of my life and the images are priceless to me. I have always enjoyed taking photos and shooting video. While on a cruise, my wife and I met an interesting couple who we had dinner with one night. I got into a discussion with the husband who was an amateur photographer. He and I talked about photography and I was fascinated in hearing how much he enjoyed photography. He told me he takes hundreds of photos where ever he went. My wife picked up on the fact he had a nice looking camera that was much better than mine and said: "you like to take photos, so we need to get you a better camera". My wife understood that I enjoyed not only taking photos of interesting locations, but I loved to take photos that had special meaning to me. From the beginning, it was all about the moment and the ability to capture special memories and preserving past images of not only my life but the lives of others. As I get older, my passion for capturing memories and special moments continue to be my main reason for taking photos and shooting video. My passion for photography is not understood by many people like family and friends. I tend to drive a lot of family members and friends crazy.

As my photography journey has grown I realized that the more I studied the art of photography and how important video could be, I have learned I could do more and I am not limited to one specific form of photography. I have learned over the years that I do not need to learn everything about all forms of photography. I have learned that there are some forms of photography I do not like to do. For example, I love to shoot landscapes, wildlife, nature, simple portraits, couples, etc... However, I have learned I have no desire to shoot weddings all day. I don't want the hassle of shooting a wedding or dealing with the drama and stress of shooting such events. That is why I love to shoot landscapes so much; mountains don't talk back and I don't have to please a landscape. 

It is important to learn what motivates you and to learn what you really love to do regarding photography. The art of photography is a creative journey that is unique to each photographer or videographer. It is a never-ending journey that never ends because there is so much to learn and the art of photography continues to evolve very quickly. That is a good thing. 

Whatever your passion or reason for doing photography is, continue to develop your skills each day.  There are so many ways to improve one's photography skills. The first step is to find your passion, and go for it. That is what great photographers tend to do. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce 



Capturing a Unique Image

As a photographer, it always fun to experiment with all types of images. By experimenting, it allows a "creative" photographer to try new things. I love to photograph landscapes, nature, and wildlife, but I also enjoy capturing unique portrait images. One of my favorite portrait images came from a visit I had the honor to go to in North Carolina. The event is only held in October and getting tickets is very hard to do. I was lucky because I knew someone that had connections that could get me in the event. I was told the event featured an environment created to represent a special place in history. I love attending such events because it allows a great opportunity to capture unique images of the past. 

The Lady on the Porch

The Lady on the Porch

During my visit to the historical event, I was fortunate to see players that represented individuals of the past. The players walked around the site and portrayed their characters very well. I was able to photograph soldiers, adults, children, a schoolhouse the children, animals, old buildings, and unique and historic items from the past. However, my favorite image came from two women who simply sat outside a cabin on the porch. When I saw the two women in their costumes I knew I had to get the shot. Not only was the setting great the women played their characters with no regard to the people around them. The image of the lady I captured was very special to me becuase the lady was willing to work and pretend I was not around. However, the best thing she did for me was to pose for me. When I started to take the shot, she actually stopped sewing until I got the shot. I loved that about her. I knew immediately what I was going to do with the image. I wanted to create an image that looked like a painting. I wanted to create a feel for the image and the feeling had to represent the past. The image is called the "Lady on the Porch" and is one of my favorite portraits. 

For me, photographing a variety of subjects only makes me a better photographer. Photography can allow all photographers to shoot a variety of subjects and situations. I personally cannot understand why any photographer would ever become bored and say there is nothing to photograph. There is always something to photograph. I love to photograph all types of subjects and events, except for weddings. I do not have the patience for weddings. However, I do respect those that do. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce