Paper Print vs Metal Print

Have you ever considered a metal print for your home, office, or as a gift? Metal prints are a great option and many people are unaware of how unique metal prints are. Let’s look at what makes metal print a better option over a paper print for an image. 

When it comes to deciding to print an image on metal there are some important factors to consider. The most important thing to consider would be, is the image good enough to be a high-quality metal image? It is a good idea to use an image that was taken with a good camera or have a photographer take the image for you. A good photographer can use post-processing software like Photoshop or Lightroom to make an image detailed enough to put on metal. Plus, a good photographer's skills can come in handy by enhancing an image and making the image quality better for a metal print. The last thing you want to do is put a bad image on metal. 


Regardless if an image is a beautiful landscape image or portrait image, a great image should contain a high level of sharpness. If an image is not photographed properly and is not sharp the image will not be worth printing on metal. The level of sharpness is very apparent for metal prints. It is important to keep in mind that the level of sharpness should be based on image and the effects used to create the image. It is important to be selective in what images you want to put on metal. Sharpness matters!


The colors, contrast, and expose of an image is very important. The reason why the three elements are so important is because you want your image to really “pop” and you can make a great image come alive if you have the proper colors levels, contrast settings, and proper exposure for your image. Another factor to consider when printing on metal is the size of the image. Where do you want to hang the image? What should be the appropriate size? As with any image, the quality of the image is affected by the size and detail is lost if you attempt to print an image too large. That is true for any print option. However, many metal images do retain their quality and clarity up to some impressive size options.  

There are some great advantages for printing on metal. One of my favorite things I love about metal prints is they don’t have to be framed and they ready to hang up right out of the box. Framing can be a hassle for some people. Framing a paper print requires finding or ordering an expensive frame, selecting the proper glass, matting, and selecting the right hanging option. Metal prints do not require a frame (but you can frame them), do not require glass and ready to hang up where ever you like. Since you don’t have to frame a metal print, metal prints are lighter in weight. Metal prints are much more durable than other print options. Metal print do not break or bend and they are scratch resistant. Unlike paper prints, metal prints are even waterproof. 

Paper prints and metal prints do differ when it comes to cost. Metal prints do cost more. However, framing a paper print is not cheap. When you factor in the cost of framing, glass, matting and hanging options, the price of a metal print is not so costly. You save time and money in the long run by purchasing a metal print. When I talk to my customers and explain the cost differences between a metal print and paper print, most of my customers go with metal prints over a paper print. 

Metal prints can make a great addition to one’s home decor or office. They also can make a great gift. There are a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from when selecting a metal print. If you have any questions about metal prints, would like one of your images printed on metal, like for me to photograph an image for you, or would like to order a metal print from "The Store" or my "SquaredUp Store", feel free to contact me. Once you see a metal print, you will never want to print on anything else. 

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce


The Value of a Priceless Photo of One's Life

Do you have a special photo that means a great deal to you? Is that image the only one you have? I personally have many one-of-a-kind photos that mean the world to me. At one time, many of my images consisted of only one print. One day, I started thinking, how I would feel if those special images were lost or destroyed. I would be devastated. I realized a long time ago how important an image can be and how special they are in my life. I do not take any image of my life and the lives of others in my life lightly. That is why I took the time to gather up all the images I could find and make copies of every one of them. The project took me 4 complete weekends to copy over 2000 images, store them and back them up. For me, images represent a moment in time that is captured and will never be repeated. So capturing a special moment in time is very important to me. 


In my life, I have had some photos that are very important to me. For example, one of my very special photos is of me and my son. I was a young 23-year-old young man and I was a new father to a very special little boy. As a father, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my little boy. I enjoyed playing with him, putting him to bed, feeding him, and being the father to him that I never had growing up. My favorite photo of me and my son was me holding him and him mocking me. It is a simple photo but one I truly do treasure. At one time, the image was the only print I had and I had lost the negatives. If I had lost that image, it would have been terrible.

Of course, I have other images that are very special to me. However, I have very few images of my own childhood. I do have many images of my family and special moments of my life. Most importantly, I have images of those that are no longer with me and that has passed. One special image of mine is a very old photo of my grand mother before she pasted away. My grand mother was responsible for getting me and my wife to together. Sadly, I have very few images of her but the ones I don have are very special to me and my wife. Photos of those that have passed are very important because I understand some of the members of my family will never get the chance to know them and their images is all that is left of their lives. 

It really amazes me how some people take their own photos are granted. They do not take the time to store them, safe guide them, and make copies of images when there is only one original print. An image takes on a whole new meaning when the only photo of someone special has passed away and the print is the only thing you have left. It is important to never take photos of one’s life for granted. We all can replace other possessions in our lives, but we can never replace our special photos if they are not preserved. Never take an image for granted because they are truly special. 

One last thought; take as many photos as you can throughout your life. Be that annoying family historian and photographer that drives everyone nuts. As time goes by, those that complained about all the photos you took will be glad you did. 

SPECIAL NOTE: I do offer photo scanning service, if needed. Just contact me for details.  

Until next time, keep shooting!

Roger Younce