Choosing the Right Tripod For the Job

When it comes to selecting a good tripod it can be a little confusing. All tripods are not the same and selecting one may come down to what you need to shoot. In this post, I want to go over some of the most common types of tripods. I own all these types of tripods and use them regularly. When I use them depends on the shoot, the camera, the lens I use, and most importantly the types of images I want to capture. Let's look at the most popular types of tripods that you may want to consider for your photo shoots.

Ball Head

The ball head tripod is a very popular tripod for many photographers. It is my go-to tripod because the flexibility it provides me during a photo shoot. Have a rotating ball allows me to place my camera in wide-variety of positions. However, the ball head does have it issues when it comes to using a large and heavy camera with a heavy lens. Since the tripod requires a locking screw to secure the ball head, there may be an issue with the screw not being able to lock the ball head in place. In turn, that may cause the camera to move and affect the stability of the camera. In most cases, the ball head tripod works great if your camera and lens are not too heavy.


Fluid Head

When it comes to shooting video you cannot go wrong with fluid head tripods. The fluid head allows a photographer to simply drag the head. It allows more control by providing a degree of friction when you have to pan and tilt. The result is a much smoother shot when shooting video. I know when I shoot any video I like to use the fluid head tripod. No one likes video that is choppy and shaky. If you are going to shoot video I highly recommend getting yourself a fluid head.


Pan and Tilt Head

The pan and tilt heads is a unique design. It has two axes that work independently. If you need to pan and tilt you can simply twist and lock your camera into the position you need. The pan and tilt head does have an advantage of the ball head tripod. It makes applying a minor adjustment for your camera must easier. However, the pan and tilt heads design are larger than the ball head and can take up more space. I really enjoy the flexibility of the pan and tilt head.


Gimbal Head

I am a big fan of the gimbal head. I use mine when I shot video and I looking for smooth shots. The gimbal head is great because it allows the camera to be perfectly balanced. The camera's weight is completely balanced which allow me to move the camera horizontally and vertically. There are all types of gimbal devices to choose from. I have a gimbal head for my iPhone and it makes shooting video smooth and effortless. Gimbal heads are nice and great for shooting video, but be prepared for the price. Most are pretty pricey.


Pistol Grip Head

I have to admit when I first saw a pistol grip head I was a little confused. I was confident I would never have a need for it. I was wrong. I love the pistol grip head tripod. I like the tripod because of its size, weight, and how quickly I can position it. It is very easy to use and convenient. All I have to do is just throw it into my bag and I am set. I never thought I would use the pistol head tripod and I probably wouldn't if it wasn't free. I am glad I tried the pistol grip. It has come in handy for me on my simple photo shoots.



A monopod is not used by too many photographers. However, there are some advantages to owning a monopod. First the monopod does not require a lot of setup. Secondly, it's easier to carry when you walking around in a crowd or taking it along on a hiking trip. In many cases, a monopod can be seen at a sporting event, like a football game. Other sports photographers use monopods. I like the use the monopod to stabilized video shots that require me to move my camera from side-to-side and forward and backward. You can get some uniques shots and video footage when using the monopod. Plus, monopods make great walking sticks.


In this post, I covered six types of tripods. Each tripod is unique and can be very helpful when shooting images or video. I really enjoy m gimbal devices. They have helped me in becoming a better photographer and videographer. Yes, using a tripod can be a little cumbersome, but the pros do outweigh the con of using them.

Until next time!


Building My Youtube Channel in 2019

One of the creative projects that I have planned for myself in 2019 is to create more Youtube videos for my Youtube Channel. I want to create content that I would like to share with others and hopefully, they will enjoy. My main objective is to create informative and entertaining content without repeating the same old content you see from other channels. It will be almost impossible to not cover some of the same subjects and materials like other creators. My main objective is to give my own spin and comments on the subjects I find interesting. People that know me understand that I am pretty straightforward and honest in my opinions and that includes my opinions on many creative subjects such as photography, videography, blogging, and business. I don't want to offend anyone. I just want to create my own content for my Youtube Channel. I am looking forward to reading my subscribers comments and replies. 2019 should be pretty fun. But first I need to set up a productive workstation and studio for my Youtube video recordings and photography post-processing.

Setting Up My Work Station


Setting up my workstation is not really a challenge. For my work, besides having a nice camera and a variety of lens, I only need a few items and most of them I already have. My first task for setting up my workstation is to make sure I have all the lighting resources needed for the Youtube recordings. I want videos to have the appropriate lighting for my videos. Some of the best Youtubers I follow are very good at having the proper lighting that is not distracting to the viewer. The good thing is lighting devices and products are pretty inexpensive. I have 2 soft-box lights and 2 small LED panels that will work very nicely when recording in my office. The LED lights are very easy to use and they are portable. I can attach the LED lights to light stands and even on my camera shoe. I really enjoy the LED lights because the lighting devices are adjustable.

When comes to sound I have the option to use a RODE mic or lapel mic. I have tested the two devices and I can tell a big difference in the quality of the sound when using a good microphone. I could use the camera microphone but it is not as good as the RODE or lapel mic.

I have a dependable tripod for the recordings. Many people don't understand how important a good steady tripod is for photography and video recordings. My tripod has many adjustment options and allows me to adjust not only the camera but the camera's height. I can adjust the tripod to even shoot over my photography softboxes. I have found that very helpful when shooting my Youtube videos.

Establishing a Schedule

Part of being a Youtube creator is having good content and uploading your content on a regular schedule. I watch a variety of creative Youtubers that release content on a variety of schedules. Some release content every couple of weeks. Some release content weekly. Some of the hard-core Youtubers even upload content daily. Those Youtubers are nuts, but they do have some very entertaining content. For me, I plan to release my content at least once a week. I am looking for quantity, my goal is quality. I do understand that if I do not upload content on regular basis, no one will subscribe to my channel.

Plan and Create Good Content

My content will vary and will continually change based not so much on what others do, but what I want to talk about, what I am doing, where I go, and things I find interesting. I don't want to cover photography gear or a lot of techy stuff. I will not be looking for sponsors because sponsors seem to have their own agenda that I may not agree with. I will be doing some limited reviews on products that I use. If I dislike a product I will let my audience know. Most of all I will be honest. I see a lot of creators that started out with great content and as they gained more fame their channels became huge advertising channels. From comments I have read, many subscribers don't like that. I understand the importance of getting paid for reviews by sponsors. However, making money will not be my main objective for building my 2019 Youtube channel. It is all about the content for me. I also plan to do some interviews with subscribers and other creators. I am really looking forward to that.

I just want to create a Youtube channel that hopefully others will find interesting. I am planning for 2019 be to a great productive year.

Until next time!


Finding Another Mini-Tripod for Vlogging

As some of you know I am looking to getting into more video production in the future. I have all the equipment I really need. I  recently began conducting an inventory of all my gear to make sure I have everything. One item I know I will need to shoot video will be a good high-quality tripod that can support my DSLR camera and lens. I have 3 standard tripods and I had one mini-tripod. Noticed I said, "had". I had the Mama Win 2-in-1 Camera Tripod +Cell Phone Tripod, iPhone Tripod Mount for about one year.

Mama Win Tripod

Mama Win Tripod

I ordered the Mama Win tripod in 2017 and used it occasionally for minor recordings and usually for just holding my cell phone. I never got the opportunity to travel with it for a photo shoot. By all appearances, the tripod looks very cool and I thought it should be very sturdy and strong. I was wrong. While simply attaching my DSLR one of the tripod legs snapped off. I thought, what a piece of junk? I was a little shocked by the weakness of the tripod and definitely thought it would last longer than it did. I figured over time and with some continued use the product would eventually break down, but not that quickly. Oh well, what should I have expected from a tripod that cost less than $20.00? I have to admit, it did look cool though.

Patekfly Tripod

Patekfly Tripod

Since the Mama Win turned out to be a piece of junk I knew I had to purchase a new tripod for my upcoming vlogging adventures. I decided to go with the Patekfly 12 Inch Flexible Camera Tripod. The Patekfly has over 120, 5-star reviews on Amazon. I like the way the tripod has flexible strong legs that have minimum parts that can snap off. It supports my Canon 80D and Tamon telephoto zoom lens. I was a little concerned that it may not be able to hold up the weight of the camera and lens. It seems to be a stronger tripod.

If you are looking to purchase a mini-tripod for your camera, GoPro, iPhone, check out the Patedfly camera tripod. It comes with attachments to support can a DSLR camera, GoPro, or iPhone. The cost is no bad either. It cost under $25.00 on Amazon.

I will keep everyone posted on how well the Patekfly tripod holds up in the field when I am out working on shooting video in the future, so stay tuned.

Until next time, keep shooting!